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REGION: Southwestern India

PROCESS: Monsooned

TASTE NOTES: These beans are grown in the southern region of India, where the coffee is weathered for several months during the monsoon season, which gives it a distinctive flavour profile.


The flavour profile of Indian Monsoon coffee beans is characterized by notes of smoke, cedar, and spices. The smokiness comes from the process of weathering the coffee beans, which involves exposing them to the moisture and humidity of the monsoon season. The result is a coffee that has a distinct smoky flavour that is unlike any other coffee you've tasted.


The cedar notes in Indian Monsoon coffee beans come from the type of wood that is used to transport the beans during the weathering process. The wood is often made from cedar trees, which gives the beans a woody and slightly earthy flavour.


The spices in this coffee are also apparent, adding a complex and aromatic flavor to the overall taste experience. The combination of smoke, cedar, and spices creates a bold and full-bodied coffee that is perfect for those who enjoy a strong and flavorful cup of coffee.


The monsooning process that gives Indian Monsoon coffee beans their unique flavour involves exposing the coffee beans to the moisture and humidity of the monsoon season, which can last for several months. During this time, the coffee beans absorb moisture, swell up, and lose their acidity, resulting in a mellow and smooth taste.


The beans are then sorted and processed, after which they are roasted to bring out their distinct smoky and spicy flavours. This weathering process, combined with the unique growing conditions of the southern region of India, is what makes Indian Monsoon coffee beans so special and highly sought after.

Indian Monsoon

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