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REGION: Northwestern Indonesia

PROCESS: Wet-hulled

TASTE NOTES: These coffee beans are grown on the island of Sumatra, in the northwestern region of Indonesia, where the tropical climate and volcanic soil provide the perfect growing conditions for coffee.


The first thing you'll notice when sipping on Indonesian Mandheling coffee is the rich and indulgent chocolate flavour, which is prominent throughout the cup. This flavour is complemented by the distinct taste of liquorice, which adds a sweet and slightly spicy undertone to the coffee. The nutty notes in this coffee are also apparent, adding a subtle and earthy flavour that rounds out the overall taste experience.


The island of Sumatra is known for producing coffee with a unique taste profile, thanks in part to the region's volcanic soil and tropical climate. The coffee is grown by small-scale farmers, who often use traditional farming methods, which helps to maintain the unique flavour profil, for which Indonesian coffee is known.


Indonesian Mandheling coffee beans have an 82 SCAA score, which is a measurement used by the Specialty Coffee Association of America to rate the quality of coffee. An 82 score is considered to be very good, and it indicates that the coffee has a well-balanced and complex taste profile, with no noticeable defects.


Overall, Indonesian Mandheling coffee beans offer a distinctive and satisfying taste experience, with notes of chocolate, liquorice, and nut that create a full-bodied and flavourful cup of coffee. And with the perfect growing conditions provided by the island of Sumatra, it's no wonder why these coffee beans have become so highly regarded among coffee enthusiasts around the world.

Indonesian Mandheling

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